Halloween cross stitch patterns for The Office lovers

As you know I just changed my all life goal embroideringly talking. I stopped creating kits and decided to go serious with cross stitch patterns. And here comes Halloween…

I could not lose the opportunity to create some extra The Office designs with my favourite Dwight costumes. Yes, he is my muse and yes, I have more patterns inspired by him to come 😀 #inconditionallove

So if you want to have your perfect Halloween ornament ready and beautifully stitched before day D, it’s the moment to run for them!

  1. Dwight Schrute reminding us The silence of the lambs scene (as bizarre as it seems, this is my bestseller)
  2. Dwight, again, with his Star Wars costume
  3. Dwight as a Halloween Pumpkin
  4. Not Dwight aha but an extremely disturbing scene from “Begotten” movie

Get them all!Halloween-cross-stitch-pattern-selection

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